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UKRODA is a security and detective agency whose task is to provide complete security to its customers.

Our company provides a wide range of security services (house security in the city and outside the city, security of office premises, protection of individuals), as well as highly qualified detective services.

  • Detective services

    UKROHORONHOLDING will provide you with a wide range of detective services such as private or business investigations, provision of legal assistance, lie detector, etc.

  • Protection of objects

    UKROHORONHOLDING provides a complex of services for the protection of private property, offices or factories, personal protection, etc.

  • Collection services

    The transfer of money and valuables is carried out in full accordance with the requirements specified in the legislation regulating the rules of transportation, storage of bank notes and coins.

  • Legal services

    UKROHORONHOLDING provides a wide range of legal services. You can always turn to our experts on any subject you are interested in this field.

  • Car protection, gps monitoring

    Car monitoring systems will be of interest not only to people who are engaged in entrepreneurial activities, but also to people who have a personal car.

  • Event protection

    UKROHORONHOLDING will provide you with security services for mass, corporate and private events, namely: club events, field events, concerts, sports events, city mass events, exhibitions, festivals, including in the open space.

  • Personal protection

    UKROHORONHOLDING will provide you with the services of bodyguards.

  • Extra services

    In case of emergency just call +38 (063) 917-02-02 or +38 (097) 817-02-02, notify the dispatcher on the details and get the aid within 25 minutes

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Our contacts

Our specialists are always ready to answer any of your questions about our services. Just fill out the form or call us at the contact phone.

Address: Kiev, st. Vyshgorodskaya, 31

Phones: +38 (063) 917-02-02; +38 (097) 817-02-02


Calculate the cost of service